What's the actual difference in the definition of a workflow and a pipeline?

I see an overlap in the definition of the two, and even if you go https://{company-name}.semaphoreci.com/workflows/{workflowId} you often see the same thing as the https://{company-name}.semaphoreci.com/workflows/{workflowId}/?pipeline_id={pipelineId}. But what’s the difference within Semaphore and why not have just one or the other since they are both 1:1?

Hi @theomelo

If you only have one pipeline per workflow then, as you noticed, there is no difference. However, having access to the URL that includes the pipeline ID comes in handy when you have several pipeline files, i.e when using promotions.

Each URL with a different pipeline ID will land on said pipeline directly so it will be easier for you to spot their configuration and result.

Hope this helps.

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I forgot to mention that you may find this concepts page insightful: Overview - Semaphore.

It explains quite well the main differences.

It certainly did. Thank you!