Ubuntu 20.04 image is now available on Semaphore

The new image is now in public beta and available to all Semaphore users.
While in beta, the image will only be available on e1-standard-2 machines.

Why you should check it out

There are always many good reasons to keep your development environment up to date.
Some of the advantages of the Ubuntu 20.04 image include:

  • Speed - This release has enhanced resource usage and includes a newer kernel.
  • Longer support - Canonical will support Ubuntu 20.04 until April 2025.
  • Latest language versions - In the future, some packages may not be supported for Ubuntu 18.04 by upstream providers.
  • Expanded software stack - 20.04 software stack will continue expanding with new packages, while new ones will not be added in 18.04.
  • Containers - Newest utilities can be installed (podman, skopeo, buildah).

For more detailed info about the image check out our Ubuntu 20.04 docs page.

How can you try it

Switching your project to Ubuntu 20.04 is as easy as setting the os_image: to ubuntu2004.

Before starting though, it is a good idea to check our migration guide and review differences between Ubuntu 18.04 image and Ubuntu 20.04 image.

What’s next

The new image will be released gradually. In the first step, it is available for the e1-standard-2 agent type only. We will introduce e1-standard-4 in the near future and then lastly the e1-standard-8 agent type.

We will continue improving and updating the image so any feedback you might have is more than welcome.

You can always track updates on this feature or share insights through our public roadmap.

Happy building!