Test Results and Parameterized Promotions are in beta

This week we have released two new exciting features to beta.

Test Results

Tests are a critical component of every CI/CD pipeline. We plan to introduce a set of features and UI elements that would make it easier to explore and review test results.

As a first step, we have added a new Summary tab on the job page.

No more scrolling through the long job logs - the test results page is now in a public beta. Your test results output will now render in a new Summary tab on the job page, provided that it’s in JUnit XML format.

Take the advantage of this new feature now and:

  • Quickly identify the failing tests without searching through logs.
  • Easily review the test execution time and identify slow-performing tests.
  • Sort and filter the output of your tests however you see fit.
  • Search through the big test suits to find what you’re looking for.

While in beta the Ruby/Rspec, Elixir/ExUnit, and Go/gotestsum are fully supported with more languages to come in the future. If your framework is missing from the list or you have any suggestions for improvements please let us know.

Parameterized promotions

Step up your deployment game by parameterizing your promotions. This new feature is in private beta and available on request for all Semaphore organizations.

With parameterized promotions, you can re-use a single promotion pipeline and use environment variables to achieve different results based on the variable values.

  • Define the parameter name and description in YAML or Workflow Builder.
  • Assign parameter values when manually promoting.
  • Use parameter values in promoted pipeline name, secret name, pipeline queue, or as an environment variable .

If you are interested in trying this feature out, please reach out to our team.