Support for M1 Mac build machines?


We started using Semaphore CI as CI/CD environment for both Android and iOS clients.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the new M1 chips’ excellent performance in terms of compilation and so on. It made me wonder whether you guys are considering adapting M1 machines as MacOS CI/CD environment.

It would be great if we could utilize the power of M1 and reduce some build time. To be honest iOS builds take significantly longer time than our Android counterpart.

Do you guys have any plans or thoughts?

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I’ve already forwarded your input to the infrastructure team as it does sound very beneficial in the long run. We’ll keep you updated with more information when the review and benchmarks for the M1 chip have been performed.

Thank you for your patience.


It’s been about six months - any updates on this?

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing your question regarding this. Wanted to kindly inform you that we don’t have an ETA regarding the M1 Mac build machines but we are still researching and will update you as soon as something is available. Currently, we are still reviewing an adequate provider that supports virtualisation on M1 MacOS.

What I would kindly suggest you is to visit our public roadmap: and submit any insights that you can share and your specific use case by clicking on “+ Submit idea”.

Detailed insights from our users are greatly appreciated by our product team. In some cases they increase the priority of the features plus they ensure that we cover all the angles when developing it. In some cases we can also share alternative solutions too.

Hoping this helps and again, thank you for your patience on this matter and for always bringing valuable feedback.

Have a great day!