Missing php-fpm

Pre-installed PHP builds don’t have fpm enabled, so the only option for those installations is to use phpbrew to add the fpm, which recompiles the PHP (slow) but also runs some upgrades for irrelevant php versions (very slow!) and takes like 4 minutes to complee. So it’s a hard no-go.

In my case, I opted in to using the default PHP 7.2 installed on the Ubuntu 18 where adding fpm and other extensions takes way less time. However, it would be a lot better to just have fpm already there in PHP installations that are already provided by semaphoreci/phpbrew. For example, if our systems were using PHP 7.3 then on Ubuntu 18 I’d have no other options except to install/compile it from scratch.


I will log a platform update request based on your feedback. In the meantime, I recommend giving a shot to the cache mechanism.
It would be possible to make the compilation once and cache ~/.phpbrew/php/, then in subsequent jobs you can restore this installation and run sem-version. The execution should be instant. You may find more information about the cache mechanism here: Caching - Semaphore.

Let me know if this workaround helps.

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@maksimovic Hi,

The platform has been updated and now includes fpm with newer PHP versions:

for Ubuntu 18.04 : 7.2.34 , 7.3.33 , 7.4.27 , 8.0.14
for Ubuntu 20.04 : 7.4.27 , 8.0.14

Future versions will have it included as well.

Let me know if this helps.