How to Run Cloud-based Cron Jobs with Semaphore

cron is a Unix job scheduler that runs commands periodically according to a schedule given by the user, known as the crontab. Scheduled jobs automate routine, repetitive tasks or tasks that you don't want to run for every push.

This tutorial shows how to use Semaphore's workflow-scheduler/cron feature. The step-by-step example creates a project with a super-simple pipeline that runs a bash script to check that a website is up (returning a 200 HTTP response) every 5 minutes.

So that it's clear just how quick and easy Semaphore is to use, the example project in this tutorial is very, maybe excessively, simple. But don't be fooled. Many Semaphore users implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) flows for enterprise-grade software systems. For example, Semaphore builds Docker images 7x faster than Docker Hub.