How to check/list available tags of docker images hosted in semaphore registry?

Is there a way to easily list available tags of docker images hosted in semaphore registry ? I mostly mean semaphore/node and semaphore/ruby. seems no longer be updated. Same with, since dockerhub instrocuted rate limits. mentions that the source code of the Semaphore Docker images is hosted on Github. However, semaphore/node:latest has node 15.0.5 and the latest dockerfile is 15.0.1.

FYI @SemaphoreCI - looks like there is some inconsistency in the documentation.

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the late reply. There was a misconfiguration and it prevented the repository from being updated. This also lead to the discrepancy in the documentation you noticed. The issue has since been fixed and the docker-image GitHub repository is now up to date and should be considered the single source of truth.

In addition, we are no longer maintaining the public DockerHub images in favor of our own container registry. There should be an update soon reflecting this.

I hope this helps to clarify. Let us know if anything else pops up.


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