Allowing clients to get the build generation or generate from semaphore dashboard

Am looking for a custom solution.Our customers use our system to build apps(its a simple tool, Tradly)
We spent lot of time on preparing the build for clients after they make configuration in our admin pane. it’s too much friction on customer experience where they need to wait for us to provide a build.

(Am not a engineer, am looking for efficient solution that’s it)
Our expectation is

  • we connect our repository (iOS, android) to semaphore (straight forward)
  • we invite our clients here
  • they shouldn’t be able to access the code
  • we can configure environmental value for each client (Because each has client has their own tenant id)
  • they come here and click a button > push The build to AppStore
  • something else that allow them to self generate builds without us

It can be even nicer that we ask them to onboard in semaphore, they pay the bill and generate builds using our repository

If am asking silly, please guide me. But this is the expectation. Am open If somebody want to help us on this.

Thank you.