Adoption of Cloud-Native Applications with Cheryl Hung

In this episode of Semaphore Uncut, Cheryl Hung, VP Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and founder of the Cloud Native London meetup, introduces us to the End User Community's latest initiative – the CNCF Technology Radar. Furthermore, we talk about the most common challenges companies face nowadays and why being part of the Kubernetes community is different.

Cheryl is a C++ engineer, a frequent speaker, and she leads the CNCF End User Community, the largest end user community of any open-source foundation.

We talked about:

  • What the CNCF End User Community is and how it helps companies adopt cloud-native technologies
  • The CNCF Technology Radar and how it helps the cloud-native community share knowledge about the many technologies available to them
  • The necessity of service meshes
  • Most common challenges for cloud-native end-users in 2020
  • Why being part of the Kubernetes community feels special.